The Sweetness of Being – Deaf Girl

June 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Tui in Kowhai Tree

She listens like a bird,
head cocked to catch the slightest nuance of breath
formed by lips of honeycombed sentences
where she is lost therein
saturated in syrup-like silence.
She doesn’t hear the liquid bell of the Tui
but watches the bob of its boa scarf feathers
and turns to me smiling.
She drinks of the sweetness of being.

The Noise of Silence

June 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

A thought for today…

The noise of silence
Deafens me with purpose
I am immersed in its green promise
Of things to come

…because today I wish to thank David Eric Cummins from The Noise of Silence for nominating The Muses Palette for the Reader Appreciation Award. I enjoy the honesty of his poetry. Two of my favourites are: and I am still considering my list of favourite blogs to nominate, but in the meantime I will say it is an honour to be read by others. In gratitude till next time…

Birches in Winter

May 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Trees in winter

White      bark and lint-flecked trunks,
branches bare as cello strings to be plucked by the wind.
I sigh into this solitude
vacate the hollowed spaces within
Let them lie fallow      untilled.
The bird      black in the boughs
shivers at the paucity      the brevity of leaves
and I in my wandering      sit on the bank
and throw stones for the thrush to mistake for snails
Hammering      yielding the soft flesh of yesteryear
But today no more
The snails are shells      empty in the blight
like my thoughts,      the sky and the trees.

From ‘Island of Feathers’
A collection of lyric writings by Marie-Claire Colyer

Dreams of Duress

April 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

waves on Orewa Beach

The knife of fear is cold and blunt
upon the tractability of my mourning mind.
Why mourn the bright day
when the night is so much deeper?
I cannot help
but think upon the fluorescing song of light
when sunk beneath the watching waves
of dim steels waxing blight.
The mind paves its way through thought.

I overcame a fear today, which made me think of this poem written years ago. For good and ill, the mind is a powerful thing.

Redolence of Joy

April 18, 2012 § 3 Comments

Tui duet

Solid sensation,
liquid evaporation of joy
to vaporous mist.
This bliss is euphoric,
a tantalising aromatic perception.
The sound of birds aligning their notes
in tantric perfection elates me.
Snow melts across my vision
dripping sedentary sentiment over impression,
cornered by tactility and fragrance.

Fallen Angel

April 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sunset Glow

(song lyrics)

Fallen Angels still have wings
And voices for true hearts to sing
When life gets you down
Just smile
You know I’ll be around

Look into my heart
And you will see
I’m there
In times of need
Cos you’re there for me

Take my hand
I’ll lead you to where Angels dance
Believe in yourself
Just take the chance
Fallen Angel

You are loved for who you are
So when heaven seems so far
When blue skies turn grey
Just smile
You know I’m not far away

Look into my heart
And you will see
I’m there
In times of need
Cos you’re there for me

Take my hand
I’ll lead you to where Angels dance
Believe in yourself
Just take the chance
Fallen Angel

Song lyrics from ‘The Journey’
A collection of songs by Marie-Claire Colyer

I wrote this one for my beloved husband when he was wading through a difficult time.

Pomegranate Tree

April 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

There was a pomegranate tree in my garden,
small and overlooked.
It was barren but once,
but that once was a blizzard of bees and a shawl of perfume
and after, the orange suns of ripe fruit.
Honey to sweeten, fruit to preserve, beauty to behold.
There was a pomegranate tree in my garden,
barren when it gave nothing.
But once it gave its all.

From ‘Heartbeat – Poetry of Love’
A collection of poetry by Marie-Claire Colyer

The Rain Will Come

March 30, 2012 § 2 Comments

Sunset over Big Manly Beach, Whangaparaoa, New Zealand

Wet pigment leaks upon waves.
A soft honeycomb illusion,
this invigorating air tinged with salt
and astir with tumescent clouds all swirling to fulfilment.
The sun goes down like a metallurgic metaphor,
a great cocktail coloured egg yolk into blue alcohol,
an amaranth bloom of night overlaying the eternal stars
where evanescing light dissipates the gloom
and settles darkness upon the brow of hill and curling crest
reaching toward twilight devotion
and the gentle grace of Eurynome.
Thunder rumbles distantly over the horizon’s curve
shadowed by looming heights
and the quiet whisper of a drowsy turn
murmurs with each sweeping surge of froth
stealing over sand and coarsely weathered rock.
The rain will come at last.

I Watch Your Dreams

March 15, 2012 § 4 Comments


The vapours of dawn drift through the window open to the morning
gliding wet and naked as sylphs.
The air
which at dusk wafted thick as the smoke from burnt roses
hangs clean as though it too has risen from sleep.
You stir
a light motion of breath and sink into slumber.
I watch your dreams
as the waking light touches your lids with pale gold.

From ‘Heartbeat’
A collection of poetry by Marie-Claire Colyer

All That Exists

March 8, 2012 § 2 Comments

Moon Over the Bay

I watch the moon bestowing light,
searching for my own inner pulse,
afraid it has died like coals winking to death.

Yet I find that radiance.
I retain it still;
a beating breath, sublime in its fragility,
stronger than mountain roots.
Though faith be shaken here this day, I feel it still.

I watch the tumble of water, silver by moonlight.
The stream weeps for me;
the sorrowful plunge from the dark depths of the earth,
ice cold,
to embrace the tepid air.
The spring washes the hillside with earth’s tears.

It is all that exists,
the water and the dark mote-strewn night,
the moon and I.

From ‘Heartbeat’
A collection of poetry by Marie-Claire Colyer

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